Rebooting my Music Collection

Late one night over the weekend I decided to delete everything I had uploaded to Google Music, and start over. I guess it was a “nuclear” option of sorts. A chance to start again.

Where on earth do you start though? I started with classics. Classic singers, classic songwriters, and classic performers. Given that I’ve just finished watching the TV series “Roadies”, the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Lindsey Buckingham were foremost in my mind. I plugged “Simple Man” into Spotify, and let it help guide me through related songs and artists.

The big problem with trying to find music organically is that you end up listening to it for hours and hours, instead of writing anything down. You vanish down ratholes in particular corners of history – following bands and musicians that crossed paths.

And yet somehow those hours spent – often early in the morning – are worth it, because music connects to us at such a more primal level than movies, or photography. How many times have you heard somebody tell a story relating a particular song to an event in their life?

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