Down the Internet Rabbit Hole

In what could easily be described as a fantastically stupid thing to do, this morning I created both a Facebook Page, and a Google+ “Collection” for this blog. I also switched on “Sharing” features within the mighty WordPress for the first time. What did this mean? It meant Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter began to be automagically polluted with links to my inane words, thoughts, ideas, and stories.

Being honest, I’ve always been torn about promoting the junk I write. I suppose I’ve always thought there was value to quietly posting thoughts to a corner of the internet, and people stumbling upon them through serendipity rather than any breadcrumb trails or signposts.

Maybe I’m wrong.

It’s not like I write anything earth shatteringly interesting. Not any more. The kids have grown up now, so their stories have become their own. In recent times I have written about travelling around the country, and the strangers I crossed paths with along the way. I’m careful never to talk about work, and not to judge people too harshly – I would perhaps volunteer that I am the world champion at sitting on fences when there’s an argument to be had.

It occurs to me that I’ve been writing about nothing in particular for nearly fifteen years now. I could self-publish the most unsuccessful series of e-books ever seen on the Amazon book store. Fifteen volumes of forgettable nonsense about nothing in particular. Maybe that should be the title, or strap-line – “forgettable nonsense about nothing in particular”.

Anyway – I’ve switched the sharing stuff back off now – back to my safe little quiet corner of the internet. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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