Hello Again

Well this is an unexpected turn of events. If you arrived here via an email I sent you, or a blog post you read elsewhere, you’ve just learned that I upped sticks from where I used to write, and have begun writing here instead. If you’ve seen me do this before, you’re probably rolling your eyes, and getting ready to delete me from your bookmarks or feed aggregator, because you’ve had enough.
Let’s get straight to it – why did I move the blog (again) ? Because the previous one had slowly but surely descended into a vanilla load of rubbish about nothing at all. Don’t get me wrong – the blog will still be about nothing at all – I’m good at nothing at all – but it will be a little less vanilla. Oh, and I won’t be attaching stock photos to the start of every post either. I’m still not entirely sure why I started doing that.

I guess the major reason I’m moving back to an “anonymous” blog, is because I’ve never been entirely comfortable with work and extended family reading my posts. We’ve all been there – we’ve all had some nosy parker from the other end of the building read our blog. We’ve also had an email from either our parents, or a distant relative, unhappy with something we’ve written – no matter how innocuous it might have been. It’s not that I’m worried about writing anything incendiary – it’s more that I don’t want to have to deal with those people any more. Does that make sense ?

I just want to write.


8 Replies to “Hello Again”

  1. Good for you! I get where you're coming from, there's something to be said for having the ability to write without always offending someone, either unintentionally or not. I've had a few blogs and still 'try' to maintain 2 or 3 consistently. The sad part is that 'consistently' means every week or two. Not ideal by any definition, but my writing in general has declined both in volume and quality.I made the mistake of giving my Mom the address to my private blog in hopes it could give her some insight into my twisted psyche. The downside is now I often think of her reading my posts and it colours my content.Bottom line is I enjoy your blog. I see many of my own questions and viewpoints verbalized there. Keep it up, in whatever fashion you find appropriate.Thanks for including me….Dwayne


  2. Thankyou for the vote of confidence. I'm not sure I would have enough to say to maintain more than one blog – although saying that, I'm still hanging onto a “homepage” under my real name – but it's not a full blog – just a few pages.


  3. I definitely understand why you did it. I thought about making my blog anonymous as well but to be honest I have no idea how to switch hahahahahaha. Someone set up my domain name and now I'm stuck with it hahahahahaha. Or I think I am cause I have no idea how this works really. Anyhow, I'll follow you no matter where you go! 🙂 Ok, that sounds creepy lol. Cristina 🙂


  4. I am not consistent with my blogging. I just started a new one recently at wordpress because I thought a change would do me good (plus so many people rave about how great it is) and haven't posted in my blogger in a while. I don't want to copy and paste from here to there either. I only have one follower at blogger though, so if I stop writing there, I am sure no one will even notice. My blogs are mostly for me to get my thoughts out…and are not that great, but I always hope I will get better


  5. It's funny – I considered cross-posting from here into WordPress, but then thought “I moved away from WordPress because I was fed up of people not really reading”. I don't really mind if I only have a few people reading – because at least I know they ARE reading, and not just hitting a like button on everything in sight.


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