Aligning the Planets (Again)

I guess with this whole re-boot thing going on, I get the chance to re-write my about page – or even not bother with one. Do I write a self-aggrandizing pile of codswallop, or should accidental readers be forced to figure me out through the published posts? I’m tempted not to bother. I’m not bothering with a lot of things these days.

I read an interesting tweet from a long time favourite blogger earlier – commenting that blogging had changed almost out of recognition from when we all started. I have a fairly good record of everything I’ve written since about 2003, and know that I started at least a couple of years before that. It’s tempting to look back at those early years with rose-tinted spectacles – it’s also rather sobering when you consider how many of us are still writing. I can probably count those that started around the same time, and are still going on the fingers of one hand – and I’m one of them.

Anyway. I’m supposed to be working. I’ll write more soon – probably about something exciting like the weather, or the damn fish tank pump packing up last night.

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