Watching Again

I started watching “The OA” again tonight. I originally watched it on my own while holed up in a hotel with work – the entire series in one night on Netflix – eight hours. This time I’m watching it with our eldest daughter.

I think perhaps the most interesting thing, watching it again, is noticing how many clues were in the first episode. Clues you of course had no reason to notice at the time. It made me realise how little we really take in, and how much hard work the writers put into the show. I’m guessing the more emotionally draining scenes later in the series are going to be magnified on a second viewing – the anticipation of what’s to come is almost irresistable.

I love sharing new things with our eldest daughter. In the same way that reading Peter Pan was a privilege when she was little,  watching TV shows and movies she is now old enough for is so much fun. The challenge is still out there to prove that old movies can be good – I think she might need to be a bit older to really understand that. How things look is still more important than anything else, but she’s still young. She has time.

I’m always surprised if I discover friends don’t like the same TV shows or movies that I do. A few weeks ago we were at a gathering, and late in the evening conversation turned to favourite movies. I mentioned the likes of K-PAX, Good Will Hunting, and What Dreams May Come. I was laughed at.

It’s interesting, isn’t it – when you are young you tend to like what the majority likes. I’m not sure what happens to change that, but as you grow older, you become more confident in forming your own opinions, and not so much defending them, as being happy with them regardless of the opinion of others.

Anyway. Miss 16 loved The OA. I’ve pleaded with her not to read anything about it online, because it will ruin it for her. She has a hundred questions, and can’t tie any of the loose ends up in her head yet. I sat grinning as the credits rolled, and her brow furrowed.

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