An Old Friend Returns

While hiding in the junk room earlier this evening, in-between sessions of washing dishes, clearing the kitchen up, and brokering peace in the latest argument to occur between Miss 12 and 13, I found myself looking at Twitter. I had a notification. It’s worth noting that I rarely receive notifications about anything. The chief reason may be because I grew tired of the daily Facebook “who can piss the heighest” competition quite some time ago, so do no more than occasionally look in and amuse myself with the latest attention-seeking antics of usual suspects.

I clicked on the little notification icon, and sat in my chair grinning at the computer screen.

This is where I cast my own mind back to a blog post I wrote quite some time ago, about being the last of the group I started out with that is still writing a regular blog. I can cross another name off the list of people that stopped blogging, because one of them has re-appeared. Probably the best writer of the lot. She had the rather famous book of her blog published back in the day – there’s a copy of it on the bookshelf next to me.

I’m still smiling now. In a strange way, having some of the bloggers reappear that served as inspiration so many years ago is forcing my hand once again. Rather than post whatever inane drivel comes to mind, I might actually put some effort into stringing a few words together once again.

Anyway. That’s all. Not much to report, but in a way, something pretty significant to report. She’s back!

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