Monday Morning

I’ve been head down writing programming since the moment I walked into the office this morning – well, since I filed my time-sheet for last week to keep the project manager off my back, and paid a huge chunk of money off my credit card to keep the bank off my back.

I’m starting programming on a new project today. It feels like standing at the bottom of a cliff, with no obvious way up. I have to get to the top by Thursday ideally. I have a secret plan to bust my backside today and tomorrow, and then goof around for a couple of days. Of course you might consider taking the time out to write this “goofing around”, but I have an unplanned conference call in twenty minutes where I’ll need to pretend to be clever for half an hour. I tried to duck out of it and tell them I was busy, but apparently that doesn’t work.

The conversation went something like this:

“Do you have time to talk to this very important client this morning about this thing?”

“Not really – I’m head down working on this very important project for somebody else.”

“That’s not the right answer. We have to do this call.”

Well why the hell did you ask then? Why didn’t you say that straight away? Why do people do that ?

Just to lighten the mood (for me), I saw the most entertaining exchange between somebody and their family ever recorded on Tumblr this morning – it basically boiled down to a bisexual girl having to deal with an bigoted elderly Aunt “speaking her mind”. The girl responded by speaking her mind too, which inevitably caused family fallout of nuclear proportions. I will admit to a secret glee whenever I hear about somebody being called out for their ignorance, or prejudiced views.

Anyway. Better get ready for this conference call. Snore.


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