Building a Better Bat Cave

It struck me this afternoon that my attempts to drive a wedge between the “professional” me that wanders around the country pretending to be clever, and the “real” me that reads comic books, watches cult movies, and eats far too much rubbish are essentially the same as buiding an online Bat Cave. Unfortunately I don’t have the seemingly infinite resources available to Bruce Wayne, so my Bat Cave requires a little imagination. This afternoon’s project involved deactivating my old Tumblr account. You might think this relatively easy – until you discover that between them, Yahoo and Tumblr have spectacularly broken the deactivation process. I lucked into finding a blog post informing me that they had accidentally left the old password reset page in place, even though it wasn’t used any more – which was enough for me to kill the account. Ten minutes later I had a new account – because some asshole has taken the account name I wanted.

Postscript – two weeks later, all of this is consigned to history. I signed up for Squarespace. Judge me all you like.

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