Migrating and Curating

My phone has been sitting on the corner of my desk at work all day, quietly having a nervous breakdown. I installed the Flickr app on it, and told it to start automatically backing up every photo I’ve ever taken with the phone. I’ve also moved all of my old Instagram photos – a selection of which are now available to view.
Years ago I used to curate all of the photos I uploaded to the internet. After a day out with the camera I would arrive home, upload the photos, caption them, tag them, and put them into albums. Ever since Google Photos arrived, I’ve let the machinery in the cloud do all that for me – resulting in not remembering what on earth I’ve taken, or how I might find it again.

I’m going to carry on using Instagram, but much more as a scrapbook that makes it easy to light up Twitter and Tumblr with photos – because who would have guessed that Instagram would be more reliable at posting photos than the Tumblr app ? Expect far more candid, idiotic, disposable photos of random moments throughout each day.

Oh, and just for the record, I’m not bothering with Snapchat, on account of it being the worst designed app in the known universe.


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