Up Periscope

I decided yesterday lunchtime that having the blog name appear in comments in place of my name was ever so slightly ridiculous, so have changed my name in all the relevant places that I could think of to my first name. Of course, having done that it sort of made sense to have a photo of me too – I briefly considered drawing a doodle of myself, but didn’t have enough time, so just went with a photo saved on my work computer.
Late last night I found myself looking through blog themes. I wanted something that looked good with text posts, but always seemed to find fault in some aspect of the design. I think perhaps the closest was the “Scrawl” theme, only it had funky drop-caps on the first character of each post. I ended up returning to a theme I’ve used for perhaps the last year, but that only really works with photos.

Guess who spent his lunchtime today trawling through free stock photos to attach to recent posts? Yes – this idiot.

Attaching my name to the blog – even if only my first name – feels odd. As the title suggests, it’s kind of like lifting the periscope above water. I’m not sure if I’m “tempting fate” or “worrying about nothing”.

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