Powered by Wine

It’s heading towards 10pm, and I have acheived very little this evening other than eat a curry, an entire family bag of peanut M&Ms, and drink half a bottle of cheap white wine. I stopped at the supermarket on my way home from work this evening. I didn’t plan on buying wine, but my eyes were drawn to a bottle that was on offer as I passed it en-route to the ready meals.

There was a gaunt Indian gentleman walking aimlessly between the supermarket shelves, coughing like his lungs were about to depart his body. A pretty lady was walking backwards away from him, and almost crashed into me. I held my breath as I passed – I haven’t had a cough or a cold for months; it would be just my luck to get something in time for my vacation.

At the end of next week I have two weeks off. We’re not actually going anywhere – the kids have various holiday clubs going on, and there’s a mountain of work to get through in the garden. I’m hoping to chop down the hazelnut tree, and stack the logs behind the shed. I haven’t told my other half yet. I think she might have a fit. I’m thinking we can turn the base of the trunk into a throne much like the one in Game of Thrones. Maybe that idea will sway her?

We were planning on visiting my parents down in Cornwall for a few days, but with all the other stuff going on, we turned to each other and said “we haven’t had a break at all, have we” – so emailed my Mum and Dad and told them. I imagine they are probably relieved too, because the kids are kind of like a wall of noise and mayhem that trashes everything in it’s path.

I was going to sit and watch a movie this evening, but it’s already 10pm, and I’ll most likely fall fast asleep on the sofa – or spend an hour choosing a movie, and then realise it’s too late to bother starting. I began watching a Tommy Lee Jones movie about the end of the Second World War last night – something about General MacArthur and the decision to try the Japanese Emperor for war crimes or not. I made it an hour in before thinking “this movie is garbage”, and heading to bed. I’ve done that a lot recently.

Whenever I see Tommy Lee Jones, I expect him to reach inside his lapel and pull out a gigantic alien weapon of some kind.

Speaking of Aliens, can you imagine Aliens landing B-Movie style on the White House lawn while Trump is in charge? I can’t. Well – I can, and that’s what scares me. I suppose if a similar species to us is clever enough to get here from wherever (or whenever), they would also be clever enough not to get involved while so many idiots are in charge of so many countries.

I wonder if “Fright Night” is on Netflix ?

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