If you’re doing a double take, and wondering where you’ve seen this post before, you might recall that I posted it back in February 2014. It’s in the archive. While reading countless blogs over the last week or so in search of new and interesting writers, I became increasingly disheartened – and then this old post came to mind.

I’m going to start a movement on the internet. It’s not going to be anything big, grand, or visionary. It’s going to be about not doing things – not trying too hard, not trying to fit in, not conforming, not doing what people say.

It’s going to be called “Unblogging”.

I’m fed up of all the SEO experts, the “professional” bloggers, and the niche nutcases. I want to get back to people writing about their daily life, and just emptying their head. Honesty, bravery, brevity, and candid thoughts. I fell into the hipster blogging vortex myself for quite some time – worrying about the quality of photos, having something interesting to say, being creative, original, and unique.

It’s all rubbish.

People want to know each other. The words and pictures are really just a conduit. The more finely crafted they are, the more you know they are bullshit. Finely crafted bullshit, but bullshit none the less.

It’s the “Finding Forrester” maxim, isn’t it – don’t think – just write. Thinking comes later (or in our case, after hitting publish).

So there you have it. Unblogging. Get to it.

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