Returning to Germany

While headbutting my desk spectacularly this afternoon after discovering yet another bug in a major software product sold by the biggest operating system manufacturer in the world (I’m being deliberately vague), a project manager wandered up to my desk and reminded me about the meeting invite that had been blinking on my screen for the last fifteen minutes – that I had taken no notice of what so ever. I had to search an old email out to remind myself what the meeting was about.

Germany. I’m returning to Germany. In a couple of weeks time. I have a phone call tomorrow to confirm dates, then I need to book hotel reservations and flight tickets. I’ll be heading back to Frankfurt – the same place I visited earlier this year. At least this time I will know my way around – how things work, where things are, where to get meals, and so on. There’s a good chance I will be travelling for two consecutive weeks – at least I’ll get to know the route through the airports well.

I suppose it might be an idea to sort out my work clothes this weekend – to figure out how many sets I have. Yes, you read that right – “sets”. Whenever I work on-site, I tend to take several sets of exactly the same clothes – the same trousers, and shirts. It avoids having to think about anything while I’m there. Along with a sweater, a pair of jeans, and clean t-shirts, socks, and underwear for each day, I suppose I travel light compared to many people.

I’m already thinking it might be a good chance to read a book or two. At home I tend to be surrounded by distractions – holed up in a hotel in a foreign country, I’m less likely to burn the midnight oil watching YouTube videos.

You never know – I might actually learn some German this time.

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