Nothing of Consequence to Report

I haven’t really stopped all day. I planned to – I planned to give myself an hour at lunchtime to write some thoughts into the blog, but then one thing after another happened, lunchtime didn’t happen, and before I knew it I was telling a friend in a chat window that popped up that it was almost 4pm, and I should probably take a break. Then I realised I had a conference call, several emails, and a call to a client – the entire week has been a bit like that to be honest. I think I now have a greater understanding of the phrase “best laid plans”.

Anyway! (it’s been a while since I changed subject with a single “Anyway!”)

I don’t really have anything earth shatteringly important on my mind this evening. Nothing momentous or thought provoking to share. I’m just kind of plodding at the moment – putting one foot in front of the other. Getting from one day to the next. I’m good at it. Probably too good at it.

When I got in from work this evening I discovered the freezer had been left open all day – and had busied itself with building it’s own ice climbing wall for borrowers. I had emptied most of it’s contents across the kitchen when the rest of the family arrived, and begun the process of thawing it out. I dread to think how much food we’re having to throw away – most of it is in unmarked pots – the leftovers of chilli, bolognese, and various curries that were kept for meals that never happened.

Because the kitchen was out of bounds we sat in the lounge together and bought a movie from Amazon – “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. I’m not entirely sure why we never made it to the cinema to watch it – perhaps it appeared in the middle of the rugby and football seasons, when we never manage to do anything at weekends other than stand at the side of football and rugby pitches clutching paper cups of tea.

I won’t write any sort of capsule review, because they are without doubt the most boring, useless, pointless posts on the internet. I loved the movie. I tend to love all movies though – my “bar” is incredibly low. I always find it amusing when critics pull movies to pieces because they didn’t agree with the existential subtext, or some other such tripe.

Roll on tomorrow, and another adventure in conference calls, emails, and fire fighting lunacy.

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