Bank Holiday Monday

I got up a little over an hour ago. After heading to the shower, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed, I wandered into the lounge and discovered the younger children already camped out on the sofa, topping up on cartoons. I remember doing the same when I was their age – some things never change.

While clearing the junk room last night in order to do battle with the fleas the cats have brought in once again, I discovered a bag full of various Nintendo games from years past – several Gameboy Advances, and a number of various DS hand-helds. I charged them overnight, and handed them over this morning – they are once again “new” to the children. Suddenly Zelda and Mario are far more interesting than Total Reality Island, or whatever other junk they were watching.

Our eldest has become quite the Manga and Anime fan over the last year – I also found her old DS, and will show her how many Manga influenced role playing games exist for it later – no doubt she will spend a good few hours trawling through EBay in search of an original copy of Chrono Trigger once she sees the reviews.

As mentioned earlier, we are battling fleas again. This summer has been the worst I can ever remember. I get it – we have cats – they roll around in the garden, the fleas jump on for a free ride, and they bring them in. The fleas then discover the one room downstairs that has carpet (the junk room), and set-up home. Well not after last night. I kind of went to war with them – an entire can of evil powder got dumped on their party – the insect equivalent of both Napalm and Agent Orange being carpet-bombed across their entire civilisation. I tried the “kind to animals” sprays, and they had no impact what-so-ever – hence the move to weapons of mass flea destruction.

I’m not sure that we have anything planned today. I cleared most of the washing while the family were out yesterday, and tidied up around the plae – not that you would know because their return had it’s usual effect – kind of like shaking the house in a game of Boggle.

Changing subject, while standing in the shower this morning I started thinking about this blog – about paying for it. I really can’t justify it. Even though I was reconciling the cost against stopping eating chocolate and drinking wine, it’s still quite a lot to pay out each month. I need to either find a way to make it pay without selling out (any wealthy benefactors out there?), or switch to a free option. At the moment it feels like I’m paying for a Rolls Royce to drive to the supermarket.

Postscript – as you will have guessed, reading this, I moved over to WordPress.

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