September, Really ?


I’m working from home today. This really means I’m answering emails, carrying on the research I was doing yesterday, running back and forth between the washing machine and the washing line, and trying to ignore the children who have brought friends home, and are now re-filling the sink with washing up. My other half is hiding in the lounge, knitting something.

Everybody goes back to school and work next week – the summer is over. I can’t imagine what Monday morning is going to be like – probably somewhere between “Apocalypse Now” and “Clockwise” – the movie where John Cleese loses his mind. Somehow we have to get the entire household back onto the rails it runs on during term time.

I guess the huge news this week is that our eldest got a place at college – she has an ID card hanging on her bedroom door, and will no doubt be going stationary shopping this weekend. Her college is only a bus ride away, so she will be heading out to a nearby bus-stop on a morning. There’s a long and complicated back-story around her that I’ve never written about on the blog (because it’s her story to tell, not mine) – suffice to say that seeing her leave the house on weekday mornings over the coming months will be emotional. All the happy thoughts.

Here’s something you probably don’t know – half the reason I know it’s the 1st September is because I write blog posts in text files before copying them onto the web. I always have. I store them in year and month subfolders, and name each file after the year, month, day and title of the post. I know it borders on obsessive compulsive. This morning I had to make the September 2017 folder.

While writing this Spotify is playing the “Favorite Coffee House” playlist – I really should have a browse for some different playlists, or make my own playlist, but never quite get around to it.

Right. Back to the research. Back to the email. Enough of this head emptying nonsense.

p.s. I’m amazed I don’t have a hangover today – we headed out to a friend’s house last night for drinks – mostly because we hadn’t seen them in months. They poured me several glasses of gin from very pretty bottles. I know nothing about gin, other than the history of why it became popular in the first place (150 years ago tap water would kill you, and the government didn’t tax gin). So yes – amazed I have no hangover.

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