Tuesday Morning in Frankfurt

Written at 9am in the morning while perched at a coffee shop table among the skyscrapers of central Frankfurt, and posted at 8pm the same evening while sitting in the hotel, listening to rain dancing on the windows.


When I went to bed last night, I left the hotel window open – it’s force of habit. At home the children curse me for walking around the house opening windows on a morning. The open hotel window was probably why I woke so early this morning – by 6am the room was filled with the sound of the city waking around me.

I scraped myself out of bed by 7:30am, had a shower, re-filled my backpack with everything I might need for the day ahead, and caught up with email. By a little after 8 I was kicking my heels, wondering what to do with myself. I didn’t have to be in the office until 10am.

Without really thinking, I put my coat on, picked my bag up, and walked out of the hotel – off towards the office. The journey took almost exactly as long as Google predicted, and left me with over an hour to kill. Should I just sit by the river and read a book? Or wander along and look for a coffee shop? The search for a coffee shop won.

Here’s where I learned something about Germany – or more particularly about Frankfurt – there are hardly any coffee shops. I had to walk the better part of a mile to find the one I’m sitting in – a Starbucks in the heart of the financial district. At home there are coffee shops on every busy street corner – here they simply do not seem to exist. You might imagine – with this Starbucks being a lone outpost in a bustling city – that it would be overflowing with people, queuing for coffee as they do at home. You would be wrong – it’s almost empty.

My meeting is at 10am. I’m really beginning to wonder if the business hours are different in Germany – maybe the coffee shop is empty because people have not arrived for work yet. During the walk here through the city streets I noticed how quiet it is – compared to London it’s almost deserted. Maybe it’s just me – maybe London is the crazy place, and everywhere else is normal – maybe I’m just used to a different level of crazy than everybody else.


2 Replies to “Tuesday Morning in Frankfurt”

  1. That’s interesting… coffee shops are numerous in every city in the U.S. that I’ve visited. We even have some local roasting companies that are served around town and sold at the co-op. And of course, Starbucks aplenty. We did visit a Starbucks in both Amsterdam and Paris. I don’t know if there were little cafe’s since the teens were looking for comfort fraps. I did visit some coffee shops in Scotland, but mostly we made it in our room.


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