Old Friends


After getting the usual Saturday morning madness of standing on the touchline of football matches out of the way, and tipping colossal quantities of noxious substances down drains to melt clogged hair, we played host to some of my other half’s school friends today.

Of course, being that we hadn’t seen them for some time, we spent a couple of hours cleaning the house like maniacs before their arrival, then relaxed as they arrived, pretending that our house is ALWAYS this tidy (har har).

Seeing them after so many years served as a wonderful reminder that friends never really change – that friendship never really changes. They are still essentially the same people they always were, as are we. Our children are busy growing up – similar ages – and we laughed over very similar stories from the front line.

Along the way today I was also secretly smiling because our eldest made her own way to a nearby town on the train to meet with friends for the afternoon. I’m not sure she realised quite how big a deal this actually was. While washing up this evening, it occurred to me that today may well have been a small step towards losing her. After holding herself back for so long, she’s growing up fast, and I’m not sure I’m ready to think about that yet.

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