Thirty Days Until NaNoWriMo


For the first time in recent memory, I have no plans today. No obligations. No expectations. Of course I have still filled the washing machine and dryer, started folding clothes, and will no doubt trudge to the supermarket in a few minutes to buy lunchbox food for the week ahead, but beyond that – nada. Nothing.

Of course there really is no such thing as “nothing” around here – I will get back from the supermarket, and something will have cropped up to fill the void. There will be something to be done.

Changing subject entirely, how on earth is it 1st October already? Where has the year gone? A little voice has already started whispering in the depths of my brain – “30 days until NaNoWriMo”. Could this be the year when I finally complete the fifty thousand words in thirty days challenge?

I love the idea of writing. I’m just not sure I’ve got a novel within me. I change my mind about things far too often – unless of course I just plough my way through November writing about anything and everything as the mood takes me – turn the blog into the book. It would mean writing 1500 words per day though, and on the days where nothing has happened it would become insufferably introspective. I can almost guarantee work will stomp on the attempt as it has every previous time too.

There’s a part of me that says “why wait for November?”. Why should I wait until NaNoWriMo to start writing. If I’m going to write ridiculous stories, why not start writing right now?

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