All Good Things


I’m sitting in the study at home while a dehumidifier rumbles away in the remains of the bathroom upstairs. I very nearly went into the office today (the plumber returns tomorrow), but thought better of it after fetching my bike from the shed this morning – leaving an industrial dehumidifier rumbling away upstairs with nobody in the house didn’t seem like the best idea in the world.

The cost of the bathroom repair, allied with all sorts of other outgoings recently mean we can’t spend any money on anything spurious for the next few months. It just so happens that this has all coincided with the renewal for the domain my blog sits on at WordPress. It’s something that can go.

Given that I cross-post to WordPress and Tumblr, a part of me says “why bother with WordPress?”. I know – I’ve been here before, but it is a bit mad – posting to several places at once. I should really only bother with one blog, and given the disposable nature of my writing – it’s just a journal, after all – it hardly seems worth having anything too big and clever.

I looked at Medium this morning again, as a potential replacement for WordPress. Within five minutes it sucked up all my posts this year, and made it all look rather wonderful. I have misgivings about Medium though – not in the platform – in the people that post there. I searched for “Blog”, “Journal”, “Diary”, and “Life” – and found nothing but mansplaining articles written predominantly by men. I couldn’t find a single “day in the life” post no matter how hard I looked. Maybe my arrival there might open a few eyes? Maybe I’ll stand out, publishing my inane detritus. Maybe not.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do yet.

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