Returning to Frankfurt

I’m clearing the decks today – early on Monday morning I’ll be making my way to the railway station, then on to the airport, and to Frankfurt in Germany once again. I’ll be there all week – returning on Friday. Four nights in a hotel, three days wearing a shirt and tie, pretending to be clever.

I’m already scouting out places to eat. While a part of me says “find some traditional German food this time”, another part says “this is an international city – you’re not going to find it”. If you’re a long time reader of my idiocy, you’ll recall the time I ventured out to a German restaurant, and got served Chinese food because I didn’t think to look on the flip-side of the menu. I’ve been told by a German friend that “traditional German food” is really no different than English food – meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

I’m staying a few minutes walk from the central station, and happen to know there’s a pretty good Starbucks there. I know it sounds crazy to go to an American cafe chain while staying in the middle of Germany, but they really don’t do coffee shops at all – if I’m going to be paying for coffee, Starbucks is going to be much better (and probably cheaper) than the coffee machine in the hotel bar.

I have mixed thoughts about setting up camp in the hotel bar on an evening. While it might be fun to watch the world go by, I always feel a bit awkward sitting on my own. I somehow always manage to attract a lunatic to sit next to me and make conversation. If it happens, no doubt you’ll end up with entertaining blog posts to read.

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