Nerding Out

Would you like to know why I didn’t write a blog post yesterday? Would you really like to know why? Then I shall begin.

I spent several hours yesterday migrating technical notes – bits of programming, and swathes of explanations to myself – into Evernote from Google Docs. Of course, because I am such a colossal nerd and suffer from suspected but undiagnosed OCD about all things being done correctly, neatly, and tidily, I edited each post to make sure it was formatted in a uniform manner, and tagged with appropriate keywords. It took hours.

I also spent some time messing around with Medium, Weebly, and again – trying to decide which is the better platform for my more nerdy (read: public facing) thoughts, ideas, and journey’s down the rabbit hole. Medium is lovely, but I’m more tempted by, because it turns Evernote notes into a blog for free. I suspect has been acquired by Evernote too, but can’t find any evidence saying as much. I wonder if the founders would tell me if I emailed them?


This has been a post about nothing at all. It’s Sunday here, the washing machine and tumble-dryer are just about coming to a halt, one child is at rugby practice, another is at a sleepover, and I’m wondering what rubbish movies might be on the TV this afternoon. Next week is half-term in the hereabouts, and I have a few days booked off work (if they get confirmed). I hear rumblings that I might be helping Miss 13 start her long rumoured cooking blog.

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