2am Netflix Marathons FTW

I sat up with our eldest daughter last night watching back to back episodes of “Stranger Things” on Netflix. We watched the first four episodes of season 2 while eating pizza, drinking red wine, and sneaking penny sweets from a huge bucket in the kitchen bought for Halloween.

I’m not quite sure how or why, given the lack of sleep, but I wasn’t tired this morning. The alarm clock went off at 7am, and I woke with a start. My other half asked how she was, and we had a whispered conversation – making “Team Mum and Dad” plans to put her back on her feet over the weekend.

She started her own blog this morning. Not a niche blog about fashion, or makeup, or anime – an online journal where she can empty her head and process a few of the thoughts she has been wrestling with over the last few days. I spent an hour helping her learn the ropes, and dipped her toes into the vast ocean of words published by people sharing similar stories.

We are going shopping this afternoon. We can’t really afford it, but we are in the business of distracting, and building smiles today. If it costs a little money to make that happen, I’m more than willing to stand waiting in clothes shops for a few hours.

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