Unwarranted Anxiety

I am going on-site with a new client on Wednesday. I discovered this via a random email last Friday. You might think “So what? you travel all the time with work – you tell stories about standing in front of rooms full of strangers, pretending to be clever”. Yes, I do. I also freak out ahead of those visits.

Even though I will only be on-site for one day, I can already feel the anxiety levels ratcheting up. They will probably continue climbing through today and tomorrow, and then be erased the moment I walk through a corporate foyer, and realise I am surrounded not by brilliant developers who have seen through my act, but by corporate drones who are good at shaking hands, and conversing in pure acronym.

Getting to the client site is going to be something of an adventure. For whatever reason, reaching their office will require three or four trains, and a taxi journey. I guess it makes sense – they are one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world – why would they have an office that’s easy to reach by public transport? At least the journey will give me a story to tell though, right? The chances of being squashed into the corner of a train by somebody applying makeup, or an overly chatty lunatic are probably pretty high.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some major procrastination, stressing out, and worrying over nothing to be getting on with. As always, if you like this post, or comment, I promise to stalk you in return. Well maybe not stalk. I never was good with words.

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