Adrift on the Internet

Over the last few months I have continued to post almost every day, tried to read those that I follow, and kept putting one foot in front of the other – it’s one of the few things I’m good at. It struck me this morning that I’ve also become incredibly lazy.

Over the years I have been posting my mundane stories, ill conceived thoughts, and idiotic ideas to the internet, I have known all sorts of people, all over the world. I’ve written before about the transitory nature of those friendships. It’s almost like you’re making your way across a vast ocean in your own little boat, and sometimes you happen upon another boat. For a time you travel along together, sharing your journey, and then eventually you go your separate ways – either vanishing without trace, or continuing on in the company of others.

I realised this morning I had stopped looking out for others. For some months I have just been hitting the post button, reading anything by people I have crossed paths with recently, and moving on. Yes, you could argue that I have a busy “real life” that prevents the hours one might spend searching the horizon, but that’s not always the case. I really haven’t been looking.

It’s strange though – this business of reaching out. Making new friends requires bravery and trust. You need to be willing to start the conversation. Starting conversations is hard.

In spite of myself – I’m naturally inclined to carry on drifting along in this little blogging boat of my own creation – I’m going to try and reach out a little more. If you see a comment or two, or a follow from somebody you’ve not seen before, hopefully this post might serve as an introduction.

(this is where I raise my hand, and try to look relaxed and calm as you approach, but quietly freak the hell out – straightening my clothes, flattening my hair, and wondering if I have anything stuck in my teeth).

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