Let’s Write a List

Today’s writing exercise from the totally fabricated faculty of Blogging University is a list. It could be any list, but I’m guessing a list of goals, inspirations, or past fails is going to be far more interesting than a shopping list (although posting something that meta is kind of enticing).

The first list that springs to mind that won’t cause a sudden attack of narcolepsy would probably be “things I’m good at” – so without writing another paragraph leading into the slightly unimpressive list (and yes, I know this is that paragraph), I’ll get cracking.

Things I’m Good At

  1. Procrastinating. No, seriously. I’m sitting at work while writing this. There are productive things I could be doing, but a huge part of my brain is winning the argument to write this.
  2. Tinkering. I spent an entire day last week writing programming to turn a WordPress export into cleanly formatted text files. I then deleted them, and decided I didn’t need to keep backups after-all. Because tinkering. It also explains why I have a fully operational 2003 vintage iMac at home.
  3. Dropping Everything. When somebody needs me, or if I even suspect they need me, I will almost always drop whatever I am doing and go help them. This happens with my own children a lot – as evidenced by sitting up until the early hours with Miss 17 for the last several nights.
  4. Eating Pizza. People sometimes use the phrase “the food of the gods” – if I wasn’t such a massive atheist I might use that phrase to describe pizza. I think my attraction to it has more to do with it being cheap, and easy to cook, rather than how great it tastes though – because I will pretty much eat anything put in front of me.
  5. Cycling. I have always cycled to work. I don’t own my own car. This results in some mighty impressive looking legs that will never fit in skinny jeans. It also means I have a bitter and cynical view of the kind of people you share roads with during the rush-hour. I have written more than once about trophy mums racing to coffee mornings in four wheel drive tanks.

So there you go. My first “list” post in quite a long time. It goes without saying that if you interract with me in any way, shape, or form, I will not only stalk you, I’ll come and read your blog.

I was joking about the stalking part. Honest.

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