Heading Back to Yorkshire

My backpack and suitcase are packed, my personal phone, work phone, and tablet are charged, and I’m debating on polishing my walking boots, rather than wear shoes. I’m heading to Yorkshire, in the north of England with work for a few days.

While I know it’s going to be cold, I also know that I will be inside trains, hotels, or office buildings for the entire time. I find it strange that so many people still travel so often with work – myself included. I could easily perform the work of the next few days remotely. For whatever reason, the client wants me to attend their office – which racks up travel, hotel, and food costs on top of the daily rate they pay for my time. I suppose it’s their choice, but I think it’s madness.

I have thought about applying to work for Automattic (the organisation that maintains WordPress) more than once. Their staff famously work from wherever they wish – using the internet to stay in touch with each other.

So what do I have to look forward to over the next few days? Five hours on six trains today, followed by a table for one in the hotel restaurant for a couple of evenings (accompanied by requisite people watching sessions), and no doubt some very long blog posts from a very bored hotel-bound person.

I have several episodes of Mr Robot, and an entirely new (but very short) season of Red Oaks hidden up my Fire Tablet equipped sleave to help burn the midnight oil while away. I also have a couple of books waiting to be read. Ok – let’s be truthful – a mountain of books, that I keep side-stepping. They will fall on me eventually and I’ll never be seen again.

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