There’s Always Something

This morning was… interesting. By “interesting”, I probably mean lots of other words, but I’m unsure if I should write them down or not. Some of them will be swear words, some of them will by hyperbole, and some of them will be expressions of disbelief.

Let’s just shorten what could be a long, angry, depressing post into a few words – teenage girls are a bloody nightmare.

We woke Miss 17 twice this morning to get up for college, and she still managed to sleep in. The same thing happened last week – she blamed us for not waking her. There will be words this evening that she will no doubt ignore. Taking my old XBox 360 away from her might wake her up. I suppose on the plus side, she did get up eventually.

Miss 13 didn’t get out of bed at all this morning – despite myself and my other half spending an hour fighting tooth and nail with her. In response she no longer has any access to television, video games, the internet, mobile phone, or laptop, and has been dropped by the local girls football team (at our request).

Meanwhile Miss 12 is scared to death. She hates conflict, and yet walks into it at every turn with her sisters. She knew what was going down this morning, got herself up without being chased, got her own breakfast, and got herself out of the front door. I’m going to try and get home in time to meet her when she returns this evening.

None of this is in the (non existent) “teenage girl parenting instruction book”.

My other half fell to the floor in the hallway crying this morning. After spending three years struggling to rebuild our eldest daughter, we’re now facing history repeating itself with our middle daughter, while also trying to shield our youngest from it all.

I can’t imagine the next days and weeks are going to be much fun.

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