Crossing the Streams

No, I haven’t built a working prototype of the “Proton Pack” from the movie Ghostbusters, and no I’m not doing battle with a giant version of the Staypuft Marshmallow Man.

I’m considering adding a few bits and pieces to the blog – primarily the social menu (containing links to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram), and the Instagram webpart. I may change my mind and remove them just as quickly as I add them, but we’ll see. Postscript – I removed them.

The truth is, I don’t really hold much stock in the social networks, because I don’t think they’re really “social”. It’s not really about what I think though – it’s about others. I know other people use them regularly, and they might want to connect to me elsewhere – so it seems a bit ridiculous not to link to any of the other places I can be found, purely because I don’t happen to use them much.

I guess I also worry that linking to things outside of the blog will just complicate, or even dilute the posts. If you are anything like me though, you’re not even going to be reading this on the web – you’ll be in the WordPress Dashboard, or Feedly, or BlogLovin, or some other application. I’m probably over-thinking it all – I’m good at over-thinking things.

Oh – probably worth mentioning that I tend to use WhatsApp for instant messaging – if you are ever bored and fancy a chat, get in touch via the contact page, and we can exchange numbers. I also have Snapchat on my phone, but have never really used it on account of it being the worst designed mobile app in the known universe.

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