Here, There, and Everywhere

It’s Tuesday evening, just gone 9pm, and I’ve just sat down. I left work a little after five, and have spent the intervening four hours walking back and forth across town – meeting Miss 17 who dropped Miss 12 at her dance class, walking Miss 17 home – then turning tail and walking back to grab Miss 12 and walk her to football practice. Then back home to pick up an old kit bag (she received new kit tonight), and back again to bring her home. In-between running here, there, and everywhere I cleaned the kitchen up, tidied the lounge, put a load in the washing machine, and downed a mug of coffee.

Even though I cycle to work and sat at my desk all day today digging an enormous hole in a corporate system to find out what they had done to it, I’ve still racked up ten thousand steps.

Off the back of all that, I have to be up at 5am tomorrow, in order to catch the 6am train out of town. I’ll get home at perhaps 8pm, and then do it again the next day to travel into central London. On Friday I’m back in the office, and then on Saturday I’m apparently taking Miss 17 to “Hyper Japan” in London – another early start – another long (and expensive) day.

I’m running on empty, and we’re not even half-way through the week.

Oh – while I think of it – the front light on my bike failed tonight. I need to order one from the internet, and have it delivered to the office. There’s no point getting anything delivered to home because there’s nobody there in the daytime any more. I must remember to take tools to work on Friday to fit it during my lunch-break.

Now that will be a novelty – a lunch-break.

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