Peace and Quiet

My younger daughters have walked into town on some sort of secret mission, my other half has gone to visit her mother, and our eldest daughter is holed up in her room with a friend. Silence has descended on the house (well… apart from the constant rumble of the washing machine and tumble dryer in the background).

I’m at a loose end. I’m wondering what I used to fill weekends with when I was single – certainly not losing my temper spectacularly after asking the children to clean their rooms when I discover their idea of “cleaning” is to pick up all clothes in sight, and put them in the washing basket/mountain. I questioned Miss 13 on it, and she started grinning. I completely lost it. I may have said quite a few bad words in a row.

One of the cats is annoying me now. He’s obviously recognised an absence of people hassling me, and is now sitting in the door-way of the junk room, meowing at me for no apparent reason. Cats must have a pretty highly developed “choose the right time to be an asshole” section in their brain – the same bit that decides where to sit in the kitchen that will cause maximum disruption.

Coffee. Making coffee will pass some time. So will reading about all your adventures. So will reading a book. I can’t remember the last time I sat down and read a book without being interrupted, or thinking of something else that needed doing.

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