Parachuted In Again

I pulled somebody else’s code to pieces today, in search of an oversight that a client is calling a bug. It took half the day to build a test environment, and half the day to understand how the code works. I was sorely tempted to start re-writing huge swathes of programming, but thought better of it. The original author hopefully returns tomorrow – I’ll show him what I’ve done, and pick his brains about the re-write.

Still awake? I know programming isn’t really the most enthusing subject in the world.

I got told off earlier this week. Another co-worker has just left on paternity leave – I was asked if his work was handed over to me yet. I replied along the lines of “yes, after being parachuted in at the 11th hour, as per normal”. I don’t think it was quite the wording to use in a work email.

I am my own worst enemy. I’ve carried too many monstrous projects on my back single handed. It’s almost become expected that I can pull anything out of the fire, fix it, finish it, and land it smoothly. Of course nobody sees the late nights, the stress, or the blind panic. Nobody sees me fall into “one foot in front of the other” mode – blindly carrying on, solving the problem directly in front of me, then the next one, and the next.

Anyway. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s just get through tomorrow – then the weekend, then worry about next week when we get there. Hopefully next week will involve a little less parachuting.

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