Saturday Happened

I suppose, strictly speaking, Saturday isn’t over yet. Having cleared the fridge ready for groceries to arrive (other half is out shopping right now), helped clear Miss 17’s room up, and put yet another load in the washing machine, I’m finally sitting down to do nothing for an hour (he says, furiously typing this into the keyboard while a cup of coffee goes cold in front of him).

I wonder if I would be any good at plate spinning ?

The first hour this morning was spent running around the house making breakfasts for little people, and emptying the dishwasher from last night. A little while later I began walking to the local school to watch Miss 13 play football. Unfortunately half of the rest of her team didn’t turn up to play football – they were there, but not really in spirit. By half time it was 5-0, owing mostly to the most gifted player I’ve ever seen on the opposition team. One of her goals – shortly after half time – was a wonder-goal. She ran through perhaps six players, and scored a crazy goal into the top corner from an acute angle. It was unsaveable – both sides parents applauded.

A minute later one of our players – a notoriously mouthy defender – clattered into that gifted player (supposedly accidentally), knocking them both to the floor. The other girl was stretchered off with a suspected broken leg. The resulting laughter from the girl that did it was perhaps the most disgusting reaction I have ever seen on a football field. The referee stared at her (I’m guessing sporting reactions are not within the rules, so not cardable), and she shouted “I DON’T CARE”, while walking away. Her face only began to fall when she realised the rest of her team were obviously horrified. By then the damage was done.

Once wonder-girl was off the field, the game completely changed – which raises questions about how much the opposition team relied on her. If you took the score before the incident, they won 5-0 – if you reset the score from then on, our team won 1-0. Hardly a great thing to take away from the game.

By the time we arrived home we were frozen – it had only nudged above freezing all day. We learned that Miss 12 had been awarded “Player of the Day” in her match, and listened to a breathless account of the game while tucking into soup and crusty bread.

This afternoon has been all about chores – the endless weekend routine of trying to set fire to the washing machine, the tumble dryer, and emptying half the contents of the fridge into the rubbish bins outside. While running back and forth the children sat with my other half in the lounge watching “Superman the Movie” (the 1978 version). It proved something about great movies being great regardless of their era – the children sat in absolute silence throughout. I will admit to being a little disappointed when Superman caught Lois Lane again, instead of slicing her into three equal pieces, as postulated by Doctor Sheldon Cooper in the TV show “Big Bang Theory”.

I’m currently waiting for Miss 17 to finish drying her hair, then we’re going to binge-watch something on Netflix. The “re-build” project is still very much a work-in-progress; she’s a work in progress. It’s going to take time to put her back together – we’ll get there though.

Right – what series haven’t we watched?

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