Through My Eyes

I started uploading photos to Flickr earlier today. Quite when I’ll get around to properly labelling, tagging, and curating them is something of a mystery at the moment. I started the long and arduous boring process earlier, but didn’t get very far.

I dread to think how many thousands of photos are squirreled away in Google Drive – there was somewhere in the region of seventy gigabytes worth before I started shovelling them in automatically from the Android camera app.

While sorting through photos to upload – most taken via Instagram (because I’m incredibly lazy), I noticed they seem to fall into themes. Take the following photos of drinks for example:

It’s not just the crazy angles, and tendency towards close-ups – it’s the tonal range. I had never noticed before – my filtered photos are invariably skewed towards high contrast primary colours. I tend to focus on details too – a part of the whole, rather than the wider scene. I think I’ve always done that because mobile phone cameras have such a small lens – vistas and panoramas demand as big an aperture as possible – it’s the reason “real” SLR cameras take such stunning photos.

Anyway – I uploaded several collections to Flickr as albums earlier – each linked below – feel free to go have a look:* London A selection of photos taken in and around London
* From Here to There A selection of photos taken on trains, planes, and buses
* Miscellaneous A selection of random photos of everyday objects and scenes

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