The One Where I Deactivated Instagram

I suppose this has been coming for quite some time. While waiting for a virtual server to spin up at work this morning, I logged into Instagram (where I had shared nearly four thousand little square photos), and deactivated the account.

I know, I know – this is me flying in the face of everybody else, as per usual. Almost everybody is using Instagram now – I get it. I’m just getting a bit fed up with little square photos, when I could be sharing big rectangular photos.

This is probably where you tell me I’m a colossal idiot, and shout something about reactivating the account immediately before you do something quite drastic to my bits and pieces.

I’m slowly uploading the universe to Flickr. If the world-wide server farm crashes in a smoking heap, I’ll happily claim that one. I can imagine pulling the team behind Flickr from the wreckage, wide eyed, mumbling incoherently about the torrent of little square photos that signalled the apocalypse. Ok, maybe a little dramatic.

Oh, and huge thank you to Giorge Thomas for saying all sorts of nice things about my forgettable photos of London, and featuring them in her recent posts.

Postscript – I reactivated, after switching names – I’m now StrangeCodex at Instagram too, but don’t plan on using it much.

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