Nothing to Report

It’s been a very quiet weekend from my point of view. In the past I’ve managed to fashion a blog post out of little or nothing, but today I just don’t seem to be feeling it. I go through these peaks and troughs from time to time with the blog.

What is there to tell? That I sat up until 2am binge-watching “Glow” last night – the TV series on Netflix about the 1980s female wrestling show? I was stuck for something to do while my other half visited friends for a “girls night”. I’m about four or five episodes in now, I think – and strangely apathetic about it.

Oh! I nearly forgot. I bought a copy of Gran Turismo 4 on Saturday – for the second hand Playstation 2 I picked up a while ago. I had the original perhaps 10 years ago when it first came out – it’s been fun, zooming around the various race tracks, pretending I know what I’m doing. I ground through the various license tests yesterday, and set about earning some in-game money earlier today. Again – strangely apathetic about it, and I don’t know why.

I still need to write out the Bullet Journal for the week ahead.

All I seem to have done all weekend is wash and dry clothes for everybody else, and wash up after everybody else. We still haven’t gotten the Christmas decorations out yet, still haven’t got a tree (planned for mid-week), and still haven’t got all the Christmas presents yet.

I can’t remember being this far behind with everything for years.

One last thing – we have tickets to see Star Wars on Thursday night. Can’t wait. I saw a trailer earlier, subtitled “Let Them Win” – it’s the only trailer I have seen where the iconic music is in a major key, and it left me with the biggest smile.

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