Counting Down the Days

Apart from a conference call that will determine much of the year ahead for me, I have little to do this week at work. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to fill my days with, other than hiding in the office to avoid setting foot in the house and having to deal with everybody else trashing every room, every day.

I suppose the good news this week was the receipt of an unexpected Christmas bonus. For a few minutes I imagined buying the children something nice for Christmas each, and floated the idea with my other half. That got shot down in seconds. The cooker needs fixing, the kitchen lights need replacing, the kitchen wall needs re-plastering, and the bathroom floor needs replacing. There’s always something.

It’s funny in a way – although I’m looking forwards to Christmas, I know the entire holiday is just going to be a continual stream of people wanting something from me, or other people not having done things that I end up doing – and if I do those things, I’ll be shouted at for doing them.

Perhaps I’ll make up excuses to wander into town with my Kindle, and sit in Starbucks for hours, reading. Of course if I even tried that, somebody I know would walk in, and insist on making conversation. Shouting “F*CK OFF!” at an acquaintance as they walk into a coffee shop isn’t exactly the right thing to do, is it.

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