Finished for Christmas

At 3pm this afternoon I finished for Christmas. I go back on the 4th January. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet – it won’t until we get Christmas morning out of the way. Until then, everything looks like a huge struggle – getting the house tidy, the washing done, presents wrapped, and so on.

Our last grocery shop before Christmas arrived this evening. Although partly wrong, the majority of it was delivered correctly – and included the biggest drink order we have ever done. We’re not going anywhere this Christmas, so I suggested that a box of wine might be a good idea – a present to ourselves, you might say. I guess the funny thing about the wine is that I’ve felt awful all day, so I’m sitting here drinking tea with sugar in it. Go figure.

We have beer, cider, wine, spirits, fizzy drinks, chocolates, and snacks galore hidden around the kitchen – and it’s all off limits until at least Christmas Eve.

I think the TV magazines kick in tomorrow morning – I may spend some time tonight flicking through them to see what’s on – although the world has changed so much since I was young. In my teenage years the arrival of the Christmas TV magazines was ahuge deal – to find out what movies were on which days, and planning ahead to either record or watch them. The internet has changed everything. I suspect there is still value to be had in sitting down with the children to watch old movies though – the same stories that thrilled me as a child will still thrill them (I hope).

I hope my other half likes the present I bought her.

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