Waiting for Nothing

While walking between the lounge and kitchen this morning, wondering if to empty the washing machine next, or empty the dishwasher, there was a thump thump thump at the front door. “Ah, that will be the Nokia 3310”, I thought. By the time I got to the door Miss 12 had appeared from thin air, and got to the front door before me.

As the door swung open we were not greeted by a delivery person holding a small cardboard box. My gaze swept down to the smiling face of the little boy that lives across the road.

“Can you come out to play football?”

This question was obviously aimed at Miss 12 – not at me – or at least I don’tthink it was aimed at me. I smiled as Miss 12 ran off in search of the requisite clothes to play football. I think if we let her play in the Unicorn onesie she was wearing, she would.

“She’ll be out in a minute”

As the door closed behind me, the cogs started turning at the back of my admittedly tiny little mind, and I logged into Amazon. The website confidently informed me that my order would be delivered between the 2nd and 8th of January. I marched into the lounge to inform my other half how untrustworthy and rubbish Amazon were.

“I bet you didn’t check the Express Delivery box.”

“What’s that?”

A minute later she stood alongside me, told me to click here, then there, then scroll…

“Oh. That.”

So yes – I won’t be getting the phone for another few days. And apparently my other half knows everything, and I’m the one that’s a bit rubbish – not Amazon. Sorry Amazon.

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