Giving up the smartphone may end up being a blessing in disguise – because I’ve become incredibly lazy over the last few years – just allowing Google to upload every photo I take into the cloud, and sharing one or two via Instagram to an army of acquaintances – heavily tagged for no apparent reason other than to attract enough likes to annoy people that chase traffic.

I did photography at college. When people exclaim “your photos always look so good”, I typically counter with “you didn’t see the twenty I threw away”, or “I have no excuses – I learned how to take passable photos at college – and trust me, these are not passable at all”.

It strikes me that I’ve spent rather too long producing perfectly filtered little square photos, and plastering them all over the social internet. What does it gain me? Nothing – apart from the loss of the originals, which were in all likelihood better.

I ordered a camera this morning. A tiny little camera that will fit in my pocket. I had planned on resurrecting one of the old digital cameras at home, but discovered they were broken. A few minutes looking around on Amazon helped me find something small and reasonably priced, which will become a permanent fixture in my pocket in the weeks and months to come.

Here’s to the future, and perhaps a few more thoughtful photos, rather than pictures of food, drinks, and railway station platforms.

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