Slowly and Quietly

I don’t go back to work until Thursday, and am trying to keep well away from my work phone, which sits in the pocket of my backpack, just across the room from me. I know most of my co-workers return today. It feels like I’m dipping a toe into the new year – inching my way in, slowly and quietly.

This morning has been busy so far – taking parcels to the post office, and old books to the charity shop. The new mobile phone and camera have both arrived – both sitting on the desk charging as I write this.

The phone is a Nokia 3310 3G. It turns out the first version, released in spring of last year, was 2G only – and not many carriers issue 2G SIM cards any more – getting the slightly more expensive newer version means I can use my current SIM, and not have the hassle of transferring the number.

The camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W800. Very much a budget pocket camera, but good enough. Far too many people fail to realise that framing and lighting make good photos – not good cameras. While at a friend’s house for New Years, they ran around taking photos with an old Polaroid camera, the results of which were stuck to the fridge in their kitchen – the photos were wonderful, and could only be replicated digitally by applying all manner of filters to simulate the chemical processes. You know what? The real photos looked much better than anything I’ve seen on Instagram.

My plans for the rest of today are non-existent. We tidied the house up yesterday, so there really aren’t any chores to get on with either (other than washing clothes – there are always clothes to wash). You never know – I might even read a book!

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