Meetings, Cycling, Blogging, and Nothing

I survived my first day back in the office! The expected meeting to plan out the next year happened, and thankfully didn’t really decide anything beyond another meeting to decide what we want to do, how we will do it, when we will do it, and so on. I know. Madness. Apologies if I’m being vague.

Having a meeting to organise a meeting seems like a tremendously Vogon thing to do. I’m sure there’s a piece of paperwork somewhere to agree the plan, that has to be signed in triplicate, and filed at the correct hatch.

I tried the helmet camera out again on the way home – it’s not great at filming in the dark (and it was pretty damn dark). I’m guessing a more expensive camera would have a better sensor. Still – I’ll film my journey in each morning – it won’t be too long before some idiot does something ridiculous right in front of me – especially now the kids are back in school (I cycle through the middle of the school run most mornings).

In other news I’ve just spent the last half an hour helping my other half resurrect a blog she started nearly a decade ago. She’s attempting to stop our house contributing to the collective destruction of the planet, and is writing about it – ideas, life hacks, successes, failures, and so on. I’m guessing there will be posts about recycling, packaging, waste, cooking, cleaning, education, parenting – all kinds of things. While she had got most of it done herself, I helped out with the rationale behind categories, tags, pages, menus, featured images, and so on – a final bit of spit and polish, you might say.

I’m struggling to find anything to write about, so should probably stop. Somehow it’s already midnight, and I’ve really not done anything all evening. How does that even happen ?

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