Returning to Frankfurt (Again)

A taxi will arrive at my house early on Monday morning, and take me to Heathrow Airport, just outside London. I’m returning to Frankfurt in Germany once more – the first of many trips this year. Through until August, I will be spending one week of every four in Germany.

Get ready for all manner of introspective posts about airport departure lounges, breathless stories about luggage carousels, and blow-by-blow accounts of finding places to eat in the depths of the city.

I told our eldest daughter about the year ahead while walking between dance classes, coffee shops, and football last night. We had hoped that the Germany visits might coincide with school holidays at some point, but sadly not – I think she had visions of accompanying me on one of the trips – sleeping through the day, and accompanying me into Frankfurt of an evening. Oh well.

I better start adding to the list of movies and books I have not seen or read – travel often affords me the one thing I rarely get at home – time to myself. While I know the work schedule may often run late while holed up in hotels, I’m also aware that I won’t be washing up, tidying up, or fetching and delivering children from after-school clubs.

I’m hoping travel will also afford me time to catch up with distant friends. Over the years I’ve been writing a blog I’ve come to know quite a few people dotted around the world – and have become increasingly lazy about keeping in touch with them. Come to think of it, only one or two have put any effort into keeping in touch with me either, but still – that’s no reason for me not to try. If you suddenly receive an email from me, at least now you’ll know why.

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