Headaches and Early Starts

I’m supposed to be in the office at 8:30 this morning – not a huge problem, seeing as the hotel is directly across the road from the office. This is why I like travelling on my own – I get to choose where I stay, and will always choose location over comfort. Yes, the hotel is very basic, but IT’S NEXT F*CKING DOOR!

I got up at 6:30am, had a shower, got dressed, and was down for breakfast for 7. Note to self – eating early means you get to the breakfast area before the masses have arrived – meaning you get to choose, rather than eat their scraps. I even got to stand in relative peace while the coffee machine made a cappuccino – usually there is a queue of disgruntled business people, fidgeting behind you.

I didn’t sleep well last night – I went to bed with a monster headache, and woke up with it in the early hours. It has gone this morning, but I’m still wondering where it came from, and when it might come back. I’ll have a look in the supermarket for headache tablets when I buy lunch in a bit.

I’m watching the clock while writing this – 7:54am. I want to be out of here by 8:10 at least to give me time to walk down the road to the supermarket.

Oh – I forgot to write about something last night – something that has stayed in my mind throughout. While walking back from the city to my hotel last night, I approached a footpath from the road, and a lady was cycling towards me. I hunched my shoulders in the cold, and waited behind the crossing sign for her to pass before continuing on. She braked to a halt with the biggest smile, and beckoned me out from behind the sign – I couldn’t help grinning in return. She was the double of somebody I know on the internet, which pretty much tore down all my defences, even though I knew it wasn’t really her.


I need to get on. If the posts this week turn into a live-stream of sorts, I make no apologies for that – this is kind of what I do while travelling.

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