Good Morning from Heathrow Airport

It’s heading towards 10am — I arrived at the airport a little before 8:30am and strolled straight through security. I’m getting too good at it — while removing my belt and emptying my pockets the scene in “Up in the Air” came to mind, where George Clooney is picking a queue based on the nationality of the people ahead.

My flight is delayed. I suppose it’s slightly annoying that there are only three delays across the entire departures board, and my flight is one of them — I imagine it’s because of the weather.

Everything seems remarkably calm around the airport — people are quietly milling around, doing their own thing. The quiet clinking of coffee cups from the various restaurants surrounds me, along with the various duty free shops. An advertising hoarding across the way tells me that Matt Smith (of Doctor Who fame) is GQ’s “best dressed man” — accompanied by an obviously photoshopped studio shot for the magazine cover.

I have no actual work to get on with today — that begins tomorrow at an office in Frankfurt. Today is all about getting there — which entails security checks, baggage halls, check-in, and so forth. I imagine the aircraft will be an A320 of some description — they usually are. I’m still undecided about getting either the train, or a taxi to my final destination — I know the day rate is much better than usual, so taxis can more easily be absorbed into the costs. I need to remember to get currency when we arrive — enough for sundry purchases during my stay.

Ten minutes until the gate is supposedly announced. I suppose I should shut this laptop down now. Catch you later.

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