Preparing for Departure

My work in Germany has come to an end – for now. The only clothes left out in the hotel room are clean clothes for the morning. After breakfast in the hotel I will walk to the railway station, and catch the train to the airport. I’m half watching weather reports to find out if the elements might scupper my carefully prepared plans.

The last few days have been markedly different than previous visits. Rather than wander into the city to eat, I have chosen to stay in the hotel and bought food from a nearby supermarket. My diet has therefore been healthier than it might have been – subsisting on a diet of sushi, salad, fruit, and various fruit juices. I bought a bottle of wine two days ago, and haven’t really touched it – the hotel staff will luck into two thirds of a bottle of cheap white wine when they turn my room over in the morning.

We’ll ignore the 250g bar of alpine milk chocolate I bought on my first night here.

My next visit will be at the tail-end of February, then March, April, May, and so on – following the same pattern throughout much of the year. I fear all of the magic may be removed from flying before the year is out.

My plans for the rest of the evening are remarkably pedestrian – I have a couple of unwatched episodes of Mr Robot on the Fire Tablet. I plan to switch the computer off, and lay across the bed watching them. I know how to live.

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