The Early Bird Catches the Bacon

I’ve become quite the expert – at this hotel at least – at making bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast. My creations are nowhere near as neat and tidy as the stock photo accompanying this post, but I imagine they look exactly the same after the first bite.

During a fitful night’s sleep, I had several dreams, and woke several times. The final dream was something of a masterpiece, which leads me to wonder just how powerful our brains are. I found myself in some kind of video game world where gravity was weak – you could make enormous leaps over things. While leaping, I visited several places that I can only imagine existed in other dreams – because I don’t recall them existing in the real world, or movies. One particularly detailed location was a small house that somebody had apparently chosen to live in – going from room to room was familiar, and the people present were somehow famous – alas I don’t remember who they were now.

I woke for the final time at 6:20, and stared at the ceiling for a while, before scraping myself out of bed and climbing into the shower. After a shave, throwing some clothes on, and making the bed, I wandered down to the breakfast area, poured myself a cappuccino, and assembled the afore-mentioned bacon and egg sandwich. Two chinese girls sat adjacent to me, talking in musical tones about something or other. Although I didn’t understand a word of their conversation, the tone interested me – the inflection of each word – so alien to our pattern of speech.

It’s now an hour later. I’m sitting in the hotel room at the curved plank of wood that substitutes as a desk. It probably looks very nice in an IKEA photo shoot. It is still dark outside. Through the open window I can hear the quiet rumble of traffic passing over the nearby bridge over the river Main. Across the river a vast office building stretches along the riverside – the lights of the offices are winking on, one by one.

I’m not due in the office until 9am today. An extra half an hour to post this, catch up on other’s blog posts, and write a few emails before heading to the supermarket to buy lunch. The office building looms above me, across the road from my hotel window. I can see into the offices I worked in yesterday – one man sits among the many computer workstations. I wonder why he is in so early?

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