The day began at 7am when the radio alarm clock burst into life, filling the bedroom with the local radio station. Nobody actually staffs the radio station at the weekend, so a playlist continues throughout the day, interspersed with national news stories.

Our youngest daughter was supposed to be taking part in a football (soccer) match this morning. We would need to leave a little after 8am in order to arrive in time – but also knew that heavy rain had been forecast overnight, and that a pitch inspection was happening at the same time we might leave. At the clock approached 8, we were all up, washed, dressed, and our youngest had put her full football kit on. Just as we started looking for coats, my other half’s phone buzzed.

“It’s been called off”

The relief was enormous. We contemplated going back to bed for an hour, but we were all already up, washed, and dressed. I had even had a shave. We switched the kettle on.

So what might occupy me on this fine, rainy Saturday? I know – a re-installation of the old desktop computer in the study. I wiped it last night and put Ubuntu Linux on it. This morning I changed my mind, and installed Linux Mint over the top of it. If you’ve only ever know Windows on PCs, it might surprise you to learn that there are alternatives around, and they are almost all free.

I will freely admit that there is an aspect of anarchy involved. I hate following the crowd, and if given the opportunity will go my own way – I’ve run Linux on the desktop computer at home for years, on and off. Perhaps the independent bent in my character also explains the Nokia phone I recently switched to, and using a Filofax rather than a smartphone.

In other news, I’ve also switched back to writing blog posts in a text editor, and copying them into the browser when I’m happy with them. I always used to write this way, but had recently been writing in the browser. I guess the paranoid part of me always wonders “what if this service, or that service vanishes?” – writing in a text editor means I keep the original posts, and can easily keep backups. I’m also using GIT to sync the text up to the cloud, but we’ll ignore that 🙂

Anyway – I feel a cup of coffee coming on. The rain is falling steadily outside, and I really don’t feel like leaving the house.

How’s your weekend going so far ?

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