Returning to the Bullet Journal

Throughout the last few months of last year I tried out using a Bullet Journal for day-to-day tasks, notes, and so on. By the end of the year I convinced myself that Bullet Journals were no better than Filofaxes (which I had been using for years), so switched back to a Filofax at the new year.

I’m switching back to the Bullet Journal, and here’s why – I have realised the repetitive nature of migrating tasks forward from the year, month, and week lists into each new week is perhaps the most important thing about the whole Bullet Journal thing. Other people probably have different opinions – different reasons – but this has turned out to be the most important one for me.

An old friend emailed me yesterday, and remarked that she missed the occasional emails we used to send back and forth. I stopped doing them because I stopped using the damn Bullet Journal. Yes, the Filofax keeps dates very neatly, but it’s nowhere near as good at goals and aspirations – all the non-essential stuff that you might like to do during a given week or month.

Anyway. I’m back using the Bullet Journal. This is where several of you comment that you knew this would happen, and smile broadly while typing out your response. I’ll cut myself a nice big slice of humble pie, and sit over here with a cup of tea while eating it.

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