Home Alone

It’s heading towards midnight, the children are fast asleep in bed, and I’m sitting alone in the study typing up a blog post on the old desktop PC. I can hear the tumble dryer rumbling away in the background, and the occasional clunk of the cat-flap as the cats come and go. I’m listening to streaming radio, there’s an empty cup of coffee just out of reach, and a tub of ice cream the children knew nothing about hiding in the freezer.

My other half is nowhere to be found – I received a call from her mid-afternoon, letting me know that she would be taking her Mum home from hospital, and would stay the night with her in case anything was needed. She then reeled off the various things I would be expected to do in her absence – places children would need to be tomorrow morning, things they would need packed – that sort of thing. I know most of it already – no harm in being talked at for a few minutes just to make sure though, right?

I’m wondering if to put a movie on and fetch that ice cream. Or maybe search out any other bottles of this or that bought for Christmas. Perhaps catch up on a few blogs, or read a book. Of course we all know I’ll probably end up binge-watching something on Netflix while chatting with far flung friends via email – it’s kind of what I do.

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